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Welcome to Santana Fruits & More - your home for exquisite raw cacao, coffee and avocados.

The Santana family has been deeply rooted in agriculture for centuries, specializing in the cultivation and export of cocoa, coffee, and avocados. The Santana family has founded a company that focuses on the export of these products. We are currently supplying over 25 tons of the highest quality cocoa to our clients and we have the ability to scale up to meet future demand. We offset the usual shortage of cocoa on the island from June to October with annual contracts, that also offer more competetive pricing for clients. Outside of the cocoa, we offer Hass avocados as well as some of the best coffee money can buy. 

Santana Fruits - Premium raw materials directly from the growers.

As part of the Santana family, which for generations has been involved not only in cacao cultivation, but also in the cultivation of green coffee and various exotic fruits, we are proud to operate our own farms in the Dominican Republic. Of particular note, is our cultivation of the exquisite Trinitario cacao bean, one of the finest raw cacao varieties for chocolate production, as well as our carefully cultivated Hass avocados and other tropical fruits. This allows us to offer you products of exceptional quality and freshness straight from the tree.

At Santana Fruits & More, we see ourselves not only as producers of premium raw products, but also as active members of the communities that surround us. Our corporate philosophy is strongly influenced by the idea of sustainability and social responsibility. The sale of our products enables us to invest in infrastructure projects such as road construction and support for schools that sustainably improve the lives of local people.


Our aim is to promote transparency and sustainability at every stage of the supply chain to ensure that all stakeholders - from farmer to consumer - benefit.

What distinguishes us


Our Mission & Vision

"Santana Fruits & More - From cultivation to delivery, your partner for premium raw materials." This is our guiding principle at Santana Fruits & More. As a unique company, we combine all production steps under one roof: from the careful cultivation and harvesting of coffee and cocoa beans to the finished product. In addition, we are proud to offer you our carefully selected and freshly harvested avocados.

This holistic approach allows us to guarantee exceptional quality of green and roasted coffee, the finest cocoa beans and delicious avocados. We are proud to offer products made with passion and dedication. We invite you to join the Santana Family and “Taste the difference“.


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